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….I must tell you that I caught your December show at the Whiskey by pure
luck. I was in town for one day with my 18 year old daughter to attend a company Christmas party, and when it let out I took her to the whiskey to see what it looked like inside. We are both big Doors fans and this was a sort of pilgrimage we made together from Boston. Had no idea you were on that night, and we arrived at 11pm when our party finished up. magine my shock when I heard your voices wafting through the door! It was like a time machine. I was a kid in the 60's, was at Woodstock, and closing my eyes brought it all back. The absolute best part was the young age of the audience and their immersion. It pulled us in completely, and the mood has lingered for days. Wow.

Thanks guys!




I recently saw Wild Child play for the first time in Redwood City, CA. I am not a Doors Fan (per say) as I mostly listen to The Moody Blues, Zeppelin, Beatles &CCR, but I was truly amazed at how great Wild Child is and absolutely love Dave Brock’s style of performance (showmen’s ship)! BRILLIANT to say the least!!!!


Norcal Fan


Just saw this Band for the first time and I am TOTALLY HOOKED! I am not even a major Doors Fan per say, but I was amazed at this Band's showmen's ship to put on such a great show! Dave Brock is truly an entertainer who should be a Rock Superstar!

(he is in my eye's instantly after seeing him perform)...

Thanks! -- Patty

San Jose, California


Saw your show in Redwood City, CA. Best concert I've seen in twenty years, hands down. Best cover band I've seen ever.


First of all your CD is awesome. I agree 100% that this could be passed off to a seasoned collector as an unheard Doors Live CD. I too have played the CD for friends and family who listen to The Doors and had every single one of them fooled in thinking they were actually listening to The Doors. When people find out it's Wild Child, they are ecstatic about attending the next show -- Frank

Brock was Morrison's presence onstage @ THE STUDIOS, Merthyr Tydfil South Wales. I have been a massive fan of THE DOORS since I was 12years old and idolized Morrison...not ever having the opportunity to ever see him I feel privileged to have captured a glimpse of him & The Doors via WILD CHILD...what a true tribute! Needless to say I am now a Wild Child fan too! Everyone I spoke to in Merthyr agreed they were great... ...WHEN ARE YOU COMING BACK TO WALES???? We will be waiting for you with bated breath -- Zelda

When I first saw Dave perform, it was after I had joined the band, but I had never been to a Wild Child show. I sat in the back at The Coach House, and was totally blown away by his act. It's not just that he looks and sounds like Morrison alone (which he does), but he has the actor's gift for creating a suspension of disbelief - you know Jim is dead, this is not The Doors, etc., but your mind lets you relive it for a while. A guy who is only a mimic can't do that- Dave is talented musically and has an intuitive acting sense that lets him bring the Morrison persona alive. He doesn't have to "get into Jim's head" and all that nonsense- it's called ACTING -- Kit Potamkin

Hey guys, I stumbled across you guys on the internet. I've seen D21C twice and in the 80s' a band called The Back Doors and you guys sound better than the real thing! Come to the Virginia Beach, Va. area, please. I am going to see D21C for the second time and your band sounds great! But D21c is incredible as well. I have never heard ANY band sound better than Wild Child. The singer is superb. Good luck and thanks for sounding so authentic !!! -- Hatton

The band enters the stage first, then Dave enters from the catwalk as sexy as he can be. Then everyone starts screaming and jumping in excitement. he started the show with "Strange Days." Oh my god, I thought I was going to faint, he sang Riders on The Storm,People are strange, Moonlight Drive, Backdoor Man, Love Street and more I sort of forgot already. But yes it was super great the greatest experience ever. -- JS


Hey Dave, just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you for keeping the spirit of Jim Morrison and the Doors alive within me. Without Wild Child, I'm not sure if I could continue the enthusiasm that I feel for the Doors. I've seen you perform many times, and it's one of the few acts that I know comes through every time. I will continue spreading the word about you.
Thank you, Cesar

Can I first congratulate you on a terrific show at Cannes in San Diego back in January 05. Myself and a pal were over on vacation from London. I have been a big Doors fan for a long while and enjoyed the trip all the better for your fantastic performance. The intensity created, was testimony to all the band members skill and effort. ... However it was more than that, it is obvious that all of you genuinely have a deep passion for what you do and that is what creates "that bit extra." Its also good to see you are all "down to earth guys". Anyways best of luck in the future and definitely keep me posted if you ever venture to the UK. -- Matt


It was my first time to see Wild Child play at The Whisky. YOU GUYS ROCK JUST LIKE JIM, I CANT WAIT FOR THE NEXT SHOW.


I caught one of Wild Child's shows at the House of Blues in Anaheim, CA a few years ago. The show still sticks out in my mind as being the BEST concert I've ever been to. I had to remind myself a few times that this wasn't really the Doors on stage although it damn near seemed like it.
S. Bauers
1 of your Kick Ass Fans

Oh God, I wish I could go back in time and meet Jim and see the original Doors too! But yes Wild Child rocks and I saw them for the first time Saturday night in San Diego and it was one of the best nights of my life. I have never had THAT much fun at a concert and I seriously didn't want it to ever end. You guys were incredible!:) You are truly keeping the spirit of Jim alive! Such a total rush! We live in Vegas but went to San Diego for the show.
I'm sad now:(

My jaw just dropped to the floor when I first saw him perform .... He would have been the perfect front man for the 21st Century Doors ... who I saw perform in NYC two years ago. Any idea if Wild Child will be in NYC again?

Well Wild Child is next best to the original Doors, I believe now that I finally got to see him in person. That he really is like Jim Morrison. The Show at the Whiskey was great. I hope they come back soon, so I can enjoy this experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I really wish I could go back in time and actually meet the real thing but for now Wild Child is the next big real thing. Wild Child for ever as per Jim is for ever and his music will always be heard. -- M664r


Wild Child was great, it was my first time there at The Whisky and yes it was great the greatest experience ever. They played all my favorite songs I loved it very much!
Rock on Wild Child -- Pararsrch


I am a "child" of the sixties having grown up in Southern Cal and after having seen The Doors in '67 at the Whiskey, I heard Dave Brock singing Jimmy's songs and it absolutely 'freaked' me out. I always hoped Jim would somehow "sneak back"...but who knew he'd do it through Dave Brock! Un-freakin-believable - Susie


I am a big time Doors fans and like a lot of people we were too young to see them perform. I like that David Brock talked about the song Not To Touch the Earth in an interview I read on the website. To hear that song live would be pretty cool. I also just played Wild Child's version of Changeling and the original off the L.A. Women cd, couldn't even tell it was two songs playing, which is really weird since Wild Child was playing a live show.



"Wild Child Live In Concert" fan CD review

I just open the disk from the mail box and sat in my truck and listened to it... This is hard to admit so here goes! It made me cry!! That is the most amazing thing I ever heard! Crystal ship, and love street finished me off! All I can say is that was amazing! Thank You!! ....Amazing! Made my day!

Thank You!
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